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Ergonomic strap throw technique (video)

Throwing lashing straps is a daily part of many truckers day.

Its a tough job for shoulders, neck and back. In the long run many truckers develops injuries due to overload and overstrain of muscles because of very bad throw technique.

What is very bad throw technique: Throws above shoulder height.

It is therefore important to develop a more ergonomic throw technique before it is too late.

Throw like a slingshot

Luckily some clever trucker developed a new and far more ergonomic throw technique. Dynello did not invent this, we're simply spreading the message to improve your work environment.

The technique is based upon a war machine called a Trebuchet and we will walk you through the ratchet strap throw method here:

  • You need one thing: a tight-rolled strap. You can use an electric strap winder for this and preferably from Dynello 😉
  • Utilising the strap itself, make a sling/swing with the tight-rolled strap used as 'ammunition'.
  • The sling increases the momentum of your swing, making it easier to throw it high and far with less force.
  • Moreover, the throw is pulled from the ground and in an upwards motion thereby removing the harming 'above shoulder height throws'.

See the instruction video to learn how to precisely prepare and how to throw the lashing strap.

Good luck!

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