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Dynello Accu Winder

Dynello Accu Winder

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Strap winder for your drill. Enjoy an effortless strap winding in a few seconds. Demands nearly none maintenance and fits every drill capable to fit a Ø10mm shaft. The perfect companion for those who use lashing straps periodically and have a drill.

Made in AISI 304 stainless steel & aluminium. Primarily for 50mm strap-width, max. length 13m. Fits Ø10mm drill chuck.

More info

Dynello Accu Winder is our simple strap winder that offers fast and easy strap rewinding. It builds on our best experience from our electric strap winder, but adapted for fitting in your own cordless drill.

So if you have a drill lying around and want a simple and robust strap winder, the Dynello Accu Winder is the right choice. The Dynello Accu Winder is primarily designed for winding 50mm straps, but can also be used for slings and lifting straps.

The base-plate on which the winding shaft and strap-steer are mounted forms the base structure, which ensures controlled winding of the strap. The base-plate is made of 3mm AISI 304 stainless steel, so it can withstand both drops and beatings. AISI 304, as you know, is a widely used type of stainless steel that performs well in all weather conditions.

Dynello bag-plade rustfast stål

The winding shaft is made of hardened aluminium, which rotates directly in the base-plate. The mounting hole is carefully designed with large tolerances in the yz-direction, but with very precise tolerances in the x-direction, providing the best conditions for easy strap winding. The winding shaft is a tear/wear part. It will wear over time, which will increase the tolerances in the yz direction.

(!) It is therefore important to maintain the strap winder by lubricating it regularly with grease or viscous oil.

The winding shaft is also machined with cone design, which makes a huge difference when the wound lashing strap is removed. In one easy movement, the strap can be removed even when the strap is wound very tightly. The slot is 50mm deep and therefore designed for winding 50mm straps. However, it is also possible to wind up to 75mm wide straps.

Dynello oprulningsakslen til surringsbånd

The strap-steer, which also consists of two pins in AISI 304 stainless steel, is welded to the base-plate with a distance/gap of 10mm between the pins. The strap-steer is extremely efficient to ensure a nice and uniform winding and also makes, in our opinion, the Dynello Accu Winder the easiest strap winder to use for a cordless drill. The strap-steer is an essential feature that Dynello has developed and makes a huge difference in the ease of use of our strap winders, unlike other models on the market. In one uncomplicated movement, the strap is inserted first into the strap-steer and then the winding shaft, and with a firm hand, the strap is ensured to stay in the strap-steer during winding. Therefore, during winding, one does not have to focus on controlling the strap as if one did not have a strap-steer.

Dynello bånd-styr oprulning af surringer

By using a cordless drill for strap winding, you have the advantage that the torque control on the drill can be adjusted to achieve the right 'tightness' of the wound strap. If the strap is very wet, you can try to squeeze out the worst of the moisture with a high torque setting. Note, however, that the more tightly the strap is rolled on the winding shaft, the more problematic removal can become.

The speed of winding is also controlled with the cordless drill.

(!) We recommend a maximum winding speed of 400 rpm.

This can often be set on the drill, where the lowest speed should always be selected. For a lashing strap of about 10m, this speed can be used to wind the strap in less than 10 seconds. Please read all our recommendations in the instruction manual supplied before using the strap winder.

Included in box:
Dynello Accu Winder tool*, instruction manual.
*Drill not included.


  • Use for ratchet straps 0 - 50mm strap-width, max. length 13 meter
  • Fits a Ø10mm drill chuck
  • Adjust rewinding speed and torque with cordless drill
  • Material: Stainless steel and aluminum
  • Packaging: Recycled cardboard box
  • Weight (tool): 350g
  • Weight (box as delivered): 450g

Technical info

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Benjamin Smithwick
Time saver

I have had my Dynello for a month now and am using it with a Milwaukee 18volt drill … I recommend this strap winder 100% as I have cut my winding up time down by over 75% …..

Anthony Bell

I can’t wait to get my Dynello thank you Dynello

Luca Wipf
Spanngurt aufroller

Leider keine gute Qualität. Segering fällt immer raus.
Schade um das geld ...

Hallo Luca,

Wenn Sie einen defekten Dynello Accu Winder haben, hätte ich gehofft, dass Sie sich mit mir in Verbindung setzen, bevor Sie eine schlechte Bewertung abgeben.
Dies kann leicht behoben werden.

MfG Jens

jacques goguer

Dynello Accu Winder

Peter Grünewald
Tolle Qualität

Ware ist top...wenn es günstiger wäre, dann noch besser,aber die Qualität ist perfekt

Markus Oberascher